Are you are looking to submit a Countryside Stewardship Application for Capital Grants? If you are, there is now a requirement to apply for planning permission or submit a prior notification application to your Local Planning Authority to confirm that consent is granted for certain capital items.

This is now a requirement as part of the Capital Grants application process as some items cannot be applied for without the consent or advice of the Environment Agency or Local Planning Authority.

Items this applies to include:

  • floating or self-supporting covers for slurry stores and lagoons
  • concrete yard renewal
  • roofing to cover manure storage areas
  • livestock gathering areas
  • silage stores

The Rural Payments Agency now require applications to include evidence that consent is granted or that planning permission is not required.

Many councils are experiencing long delays to process applications, so we advise that applications are submitted to your Local Planning Authority at the earliest opportunity.

AssetSphere are experienced in submitting agricultural applications, either using permitted development rights or full planning applications. For informed advice and practical assistance, call Alex Orttewell or Richard Edge on 01935 852170 or email