From the 26 November 2020, all machines applying plant protection products must be tested in accordance with a schedule determined by the type and age of equipment being used.

New sprayers
• Due a first test within 5 years

Boom sprayers over 3 metres wide, air blast sprayers, train and aircraft sprayers
• From 26 November 2020 all sprayers over 5 years old must have been tested within the last 3 years
• Sprayers tested before 26 November 2017 are due for re-test within 5 years or before 26th November 2020
• Sprayers tested after 26 November 2017 are due for re-test within 3 years
• Thereafter, all sprayers are due for re-test every 3 years

Boom sprayers 3 metres and under, and other types of PAE (including slug pellet applicators, micro-granular applicators, weed wipers, seed treatment and other specialist application equipment) 
• First test due before the machine is 5 years old
• Re-test every 6 years

Knapsack, handheld and pedestrian equipment
• Do not require a formal test but need to be checked
• Make any repairs as necessary
• You should keep a record of the inspection

Further information is available from the National Sprayer Testing Scheme website

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