Over recent years there have been a number of new permitted development rights for change of use of buildings. In an effort to boost housing, a new development right has come into effect from the 31 August 2020 and allows for the replacement of some commercial buildings for residential use.

Do you have commercial building that was in use class B1 on 12 March 2020 (or when the building was last used before that date)?

If so, then subject to a number of qualifying requirements, it may now be possible to demolish it and replace it with a purpose-built dwelling house or block of flats under the updated and amended Class ZA of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) 2015.

CLASS Q amendments – agricultural buildings to residential

Additionally, amendments have been made to Class Q (agricultural buildings to residential). It’s now necessary to provide drawings with a greater level of detail, including:

  • a floor plan with dimensions
  • proposed use of each room
  • dimensions of doors, windows and walls
  • each elevation of the building
  • an assessment of natural light

We’ve found that some local planning authorities have been requesting this information already, but with others you may find these requests are something new.

If you have buildings that might benefit from the changes to the General Permitted Development Orders – or you have other planning-related queries – and would like our advice, please call Richard Edge or Alex Orttewell on 01935 852170 or email info@assetsphere.co.uk