The Woodland Creation Grant provides funding to supply, plant, weed and protect young trees. It is part of Countryside Stewardship and is available for applications all year round.  

Successful applicants will get up to £6,800 per hectare to help plant trees to create a new woodland. Payments of £1.28 per tree, you can also apply for various fencing and gate options,  

This grant is delivered by the Forestry Commission, who will work closely with you to ensure the success of your woodland.  In general, the minimum application area is 3ha, with any separate blocks being a minimum of 0.5ha (and minimum width of 20 metres).  In some circumstances you may be able to apply for planting as part of ‘measures for water quality or flood prevention’, in which case the minimum application area is reduced to 1ha, with any separate blocks being a minimum of 0.1ha (and minimum width of 10 metres).  

 If successful, you will have two years to purchase and plant/install the capital items, and a further three months to submit the final payment claim.  

The scheme is designed to help create a range of environmental and social benefits , support wildlife, particularly when new woodland links habitats or creates a protective buffer. The scheme also aims to reduce the risk of floods, improves water quality and prevents soil erosion and helps to enhance the landscape and help your business reduce its Carbon Footprint and become more sustainable.  

Once the final claim has been made, you can then apply for a separate multi-year Woodland Maintenance Grant to maintain the newly created woodland for ten years. 

For advice about woodland creation grants, please call Richard Edge or Alex Orttewell on 01935 852170 or email