The recent court case of The Earl of Plymouth Vs Rees highlighted the need for dialogue between Landlords and Tenants 

The Earl of Plymouth Vs Rees case highlighted that a Landlord cannot rely on the Agricultural Holding Act (AHA) general rights of entry to land. In this case the Landlord wanted entry to tenanted land to dig a test borehole for a potential development. The tenant objected and successfully challenged this in court.

When looking at land developments, early dialogue between parties is crucial as relationships may not be straightforward with tenants and could jeopardise plans.

Using a land agent to liaise with tenants, aligning the interests of both parties can resolve any issues early in the process and avoid conflicts that are often costly.

Assetsphere Ltd have successfully mediated joint ventures with multiple Landowners and Tenants through to planning and can advise clients in these crucial early stages. We have extensive experience in the master planning of potential development sites and how to bring them to the market and achieve best value for landowners/stakeholders. 

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