Following the announcement of changes to the General Permitted Development Order of the Town and Country Planning Act 2015 in April 2018, AssetSphere have been successful in acquiring consent for 5 dwellings on a site in North Dorset.

The changes to the permitted development rights now allow for a mixture of ‘large’ and ‘small’ dwellings, with up to 3 larger homes measuring a total of 465 square metres or up to 5 smaller homes each no larger than 100 square metres or a mixture of both.

In this instance, consent has been granted for three larger dwellings ranging from 107 square metres to 181 square metres and two smaller dwellings at 74 and 82 square metres. The curtilage or garden areas for the units cannot be greater than the footprint of the existing agricultural barns to be converted in to residential units. Under the new changes, there are provisions that allow for internal alterations, this has allowed for an internal floor to be added into one of the existing buildings to create a second storey.

AssetSphere are experienced in submitting Class Q applications and would be more than happy to give an initial assessment of any agricultural buildings you may think suitable. AssetSphere work closely with a number of companies capable of undertaking design and drawing work for all types of planning including large scale housing developments. In this instance the high quality design concept and drawings were prepared by CG Architectural. Class Q applications are decided by the local planning authorities within 56 days for a nominal fee compared to the fee of a full planning application.

For advice about Class Q and permitted development rights, call Richard Edge or Alex Orttewell on 01935 852170 or email