On the 6 April 2018 Housing Minster Dominic Raab announced changes to the General Permitted Development Order of the Town and Country Planning Act 2015. These new permitted development rights relate to conversions of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings and new agricultural buildings.

The changes to barn conversions fall under Class Q of the legislation and permitted development applications. This now allows for up for the conversion of agricultural buildings of up to 5 dwellings. It was previously a maximum of 3 dwellings. Although certain restrictions still apply such as if the building is listed or within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

These changes allow for a mixture of ‘large’ and ‘small dwellings’. With up to 3 larger homes measuring a total of 465 square metres or up to 5 smaller homes each no larger than 100 square metres or a mixture of both. 

In addition to these changes the government has provided further advice on internal alterations to barn conversions or Class Q applications. This has clarified the position and allows for internal alterations such as the insertion of internal floors. This previously would have required additional planning consent.

The legislation has also included an increase on the size limit of new agricultural buildings. With the previous allowance of 465m2 (before full planning consent is required) to up to 1000 square metres. It should be noted for these permitted development rights to be implemented the council still need to be notified under the prior notification process.

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