Energy prices are going through the roof – but this is precisely where rural and agricultural businesses can start looking in order to solve the problem!

Roof-mounted solar energy generation can produce clean, inexpensive electricity straight to an existing grid connection within your building. This can be a great way to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

The benefits of rooftop solar include:

  • Gaining long term financial return
  • Improving the EPC rating of a commercial building
  • Being an incentive to proceed with an existing replacement roof requirement
  • Improving cost control
  • Delivering a positive PR message

However, it’s important to remember that planning permission may be required, and you need to consider structural loadings and future maintenance. To make the most of an investment in rooftop solar, you also need to consider the opportunities to maximise the sale of the electricity through price, metering and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Rooftop solar can have impacts on tenants and sub-tenants, so it’s important to prepare the necessary contracts. And future changes to the licencing and costs of electricity generation – and changes to renewable subsidies and certification – may affect the return on your investment.

So, while rooftop solar needs careful consideration, its many benefits make it an attractive option for many agricultural and commercial buildings.

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