The Electronic Communications Code regulates the relationship between electronic communication providers and landowners in the UK. As part of the government’s shake-up of the telecoms industry, it wants to reform this outdated code (which has remained relatively unchanged for 30 years). In its place, the government wants to modernise the regulation so that it fully supports the rollout of new and future digital communications infrastructure.

The new Code will improve the rights that communications providers have to access land, share sites and deal with disputes while ensuring that property owners will be fairly compensated for use of their land.

The other reforms the government is putting forward will also make it easier for communications providers to deploy and maintain their infrastructure. New rights to upgrade and share sites will allow future generations of technology to be quickly rolled out as they become commercially viable.

These changes are just some of the highlights of the new Electronic Communications Code. The reforms being put forward by the government strike the right balance between the interests of site providers, communications providers and, most importantly, the public.

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